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Here's what people are saying about Vivian.



"If at times I notice how uneven some of my motions are, Vivian will say: “Remember it´s not about perfection.” If a movement gives me pain, Vivian slightly changes her instructions, and I am able to proceed with some effort but without pain. Occasionally, when I remark on the effect of this or that motion, Vivian will tell me how this muscle navigates with that one. It is never a lesson or a technical explanation; it is simply an off-handed comment which gives me a better understanding of what I am doing.


Vivian follows a routine, without making it seem like one. If I indicate that parts of my body are tender or bothersome, she has the ability to adapt the routine accordingly to whatever ails me on that given day.  It is a smooth transition. Sometimes, she surprises me with a new way of doing what I have already learned to do, or with a movement I´ve never tried before.


I am able to see and to feel benefits of our work together. The activity which was at one point a difficult one for me is now by far easier.  She picks up on this without my telling her, and hands me a heavier weight or a less flexible ribbon. And I must add, her subtle sense of humor makes work and effort seem lighter. It is wonderful and rewarding to see progress!


I have taken classes at a gym, and once with a trainer. My experience with Vivian is different. Without feeling any sense of rush, I work continuously for the entire 60 minutes of each session.  Sixty minutes of constant motion and expansive calm." Ana D. 


"I have been training with Vivian for over twenty years and never experienced any injury!  She customizes your training program according to your fitness goals/the areas you want to focus on and she has a very supportive and motivational approach!  I highly recommend her and could never hire another trainer!  Also the workouts are varied so you never get bored or in a rut with the routine!" T. B.



"I have been training with Vivian for over 10 years!  She is a wonderful trainer:  intelligent, organized, concerned about health issues.

 She customizes the exercises to one’s needs.

 She is patient and flexible with her schedule to adjust to yours.  For someone who   hated the idea of exercising, Vivian makes it pleasant." FG


"A  friend, who is also a yoga instructor, gave me what every yoga instructor might wish her “at home” clients to have at the ready. Vivian makes full use of my gifted weights, bands, blocks, mat, strap. Added to these are her AAA skills, which give a great workout to my muscle weakness, slumping posture, and other aging “attributes”." J.R.

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